Zoning Code Update

What is Zoning Code?

Zoning codes serve multiple purposes including implementing the City's vision, minimizing adverse impacts and promoting health, safety and welfare. 

Zoning Codes establish development and form standards (building height, massing, scale, and placement), use regulations (specifications for what uses are allowed, subject to standards, or prohibited in certain areas of Hudson), and permit requirements and procedures (procedures for administering the Code).

The current City of Hudson zoning code can be viewed here: City of Hudson, WI Municipal Code §255-Zoning (ecode360.com) 

Our goals for the Hudson Zoning Code Update are to:

The existing zoning code was last comprehensively updated and adopted in 1993, but has since undergone periodic updates and amendments. The current zoning code update will take an in-depth analysis of the code and modernize it to fit the goals and objectives of the city's most recent 2021 Comprehensive Plan. Some overarching goals for update to the zoning code are to:

  • Make the code easier to understand and administer.
  • Allow for greater flexibility in quality infill development.
  • Introduce form-based concepts in certain areas if appropriate.
  • Integrate consistent design standards into the zoning code.
  • Allow for a greater mix of compatible land uses.


The City of Hudson hosted two public open house sessions for the Downtown Central Business Zoning Code Update on May 3 and May 4, 2023. The presentation video recording of the open house session can be viewed here: Downtown Central Business Zoning Code Update Open House Presentation (video)

Attend community open house events to help us shape this important tool for Hudson. Open house details will be shared below when scheduled. 

Help us understand your priorities for your city and community. If you have immediate zoning code update questions or comments, please contact Community Development Department staff at:

 Tiffany Weiss, City Planner

tweiss@hudsonwi.gov or 715-386-4776

Upcoming Events and Timeline

The City of Hudson zoning code update will be a multi-year process with a completion goal of October 2024.  Open house events and committee meetings that will review the zoning code update are listed below.