Plans & Studies

Comprehensive Plan (PDF)          Comprehensive Plan Appendix (PDF)

Comprehensive Plan Overview (PDF)

A comprehensive plan serves as a long-range guide for local policymakers and, at the same time, it provides residents with a clear understanding of a community’s goals, concerns, and priorities. A Comprehensive Plan is used to identify issues, opportunities, and needs and organize public policy to address them in a manner that makes the best and most appropriate use of City resources.  It also describes a desired future for the community over the next 20 years and establishes goals to move toward that future.  The Comprehensive Plan establishes a vision and serves as a long-term guide for future growth.  The Plan is used by both elected officials and city staff to assist and provide a rational basis for local land use decisions within the community.

Vision for Hudson in 2040: In 2040, we envision the City of Hudson as a community that has grown based on insightful and community-influenced decisions that have guided the growth of our community, provided sustainable infrastructure development, and continual investment in community assets including our schools, parks, and services.  Our community is welcoming to new employers who are attracted by our educated and skilled residents, our proximity to regional markets, and our strong local economy.  The progressive development of our waterfront has emphasized the downtown and riverfront’s importance as a local gathering place, regional destination, and economic driver for investment in our downtown. Throughout our history, our community has maintained its support for local businesses and has supported their growth. We are an active community that participates in a wide range of recreation opportunities provided by the St. Croix River, our trails, and our parks.  We celebrate and are proud of who we are as a community and our collective efforts to support our way of life for our citizens and businesses. 

2022 Hudson Transit Update (PDF)

Carmichael Road Corridor Study (PDF)

The Carmichael Road Corridor Study, completed in 2018, examined the approximate four-mile-long section of Carmichael Road generally defined as the area between the north city limits and the south side of River Crest Elementary School.  The study includes traffic forecasts and volumes, preferred alternatives for the I-94 interchange, and traffic operations analysis. 

Waterfront Vision Plan (PDF) and Waterfront Vision Plan Map (PDF)

The Hudson Waterfront Vision Plan was completed in 2018 and details a riverfront master plan from St. Croix Street south through Lakefront Park to Buckeye Street.  The plan will guide incremental improvement implementation in the Lakefront Park area in the future. 

City of Hudson Downtown Floodway Study (PDF)

The Downtown Floodway Study determined the St. Croix River floodway and flood-fringe limits in the general floodplain district between the I-94 Bridge crossing and approximately St. Croix Street.  The study was completed in October 2019 and will reduce ambiguity when enforcing the City of Hudson’s Floodplain Ordinance (Chapter 253).

Central Business District Parking Analysis and Long-Term Public Parking Study - 2017 (PDF)

The Central Business District Parking Report quantifies and qualifies the parking needs at various critical points during the year.  It uses the collected information to assess and recommend solutions to identified deficiencies within the parking system, in order to help the City to continue to make Downtown Hudson a great destination for residents and visitors alike.

2022 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (PDF)
A master bicycle and pedestrian plan is a document that guides city staff and elected officials in deciding what streets are best for cycling and walking, how to make those streets safer, and what other policies and programs can be made to support improvements to the system. The goals, objectives, and recommended improvements in this plan are based on four key elements: field work, public input, technical analysis, and feedback from city staff and partner organizations such as River Valley Trails, Sustain Hudson, and St Croix Bike and Pedestrian Coalition. The City of Hudson’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan will serve as a bold first step into the future of walking and bicycling in the city.