Passport Parking Application

Download the Passport App to your smartphone today! The app is easy and convenient, see what you can do in the app below.

Goodbye Confusion

  • The app provides steps on each page when starting a session and provides all the pricing details.

No Coins? No Problem!

  • The app will allow you to store your credit card safely within its secured network.

No Need to Rush

  • No need to worry or rush when you have the Passport App! The Passport App gives you the option to add up to an additional 3 hours without having to interrupt your dining or shopping trip.

Stress-Free Parking

  • Passport will send you alerts when your parking session is ending via text message. You can also have it set up through email if you prefer.


  • Passport allows you to set up email or text message receipts.

Passport App for Android

Passport App for iPhone

Passport Parking App "How-To"