Hudson Dog Park


The City of Hudson and the Hudson Dog Owners Association have joined efforts to create the Hudson Dog Park located at Grandview Park, 1100 Carmichael Road, Hudson, WI

The Dog Park hours are Dawn to Dusk each day of the year. Any necessary closures due to weather or maintenance will be posted on the City's website in the "City News" section on the front page.

Chapter 99-4 (PDF) of the Municipal Code states that All dogs must be licensed in the municipality where the owner and pet reside....For more information on dog licensing within the city you may go to the following link: Dog License Application (PDF)

The Dog Park has rules that are posted on site, in addition the city has provided dog waste bags, Please "scoop poop" and dispose of it in the receptacles provided at the park. Chapter 99-5 (PDF) of the Municipal Code states the owner of an animal shall promptly remove and dispose in a sanitary manner any excreta deposited by such animal upon any public or private property....

The following link provides you with the rules of the park: Hudson Dog Park Rules (PDF)

In the event of a dog fight, the following link provides you with recommendations to assist with the matter: Dog Fight - What to Do (PDF).

We hope you enjoy your visit!