Mailbox Policy

The City needs to maintain streets to their full width and provide access for mail carriers. 

Mailboxes are the only structure that is allowed to be installed in the public right of way as a matter of convenience to the homeowner. Neither the City of Hudson nor the US Postal Service issue written permits for the placement of mailboxes within the public right of way. 

The mailbox installation and support, along with the on-going maintenance and conformity with current US Postal standards, are the responsibility of the property owner. All mailboxes placed within the public right of way are owned by the property owner and placed there at the owner's risk. 

Proper location and installation of mailboxes can minimize potential hazards and provide for safe travel, convenient mail delivery, and effectively accommodate maintenance activities. All mailboxes should be mounted to a height of 48 inches from the road service and/or gutter. Any other mail containers lower than 48 inches are placed at the owner's risk. 

Mailbox supports must be designed that if struck; it will bend or fall away from the striking vehicle to prevent severe damage to the vehicle or injury to the traveling public. Massive supports such as telephone poles, heavy metal posts, concrete or brick posts or other similar items are prohibited. 

Mailboxes must meet minimum/maximum standards of support, setting and size.