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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Board of Appeals of the City of Hudson, Wisconsin will hold a public  hearing on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. to invite public comment in regard to the consideration of multiple variance applications by Gerard Development, LLC for the properties of 400, 404 and 406 Second Street, Hudson, St. Croix County, Wisconsin. The properties are zoned B-3, Central Business. Variance applications are related to a proposed mixed-use redevelopment project and include the following appeals: 

  1. Green space/landscaping reduction from 20% to 3% of the lot area (City of Hudson Code §255-34(A)(4) and §255-57(F)(2))
  2. Exceed maximum principal building height of 45 feet by 11 feet 0 inches with the proposed average building height of 56 feet 0 inches (City of Hudson Code §255 Attachment 2, Table of Dimensional Requirements)
  3. Exceed the number of allowable dwelling units of 15 total units (twelve 1-bedroom units and three 2-bedroom units) by 16 units with a total of 31 units proposed (twenty-four 1-bedroom units and seven 2-bedroom units) (City of Hudson Code §255 Attachment 2, Table of Dimensional Requirements)
  4. Landscaping reduction in trees and shrubs from the required 3 coniferous trees, 4 deciduous trees and 11 shrubs on private property to 2 trees on the private property and the applicant proposes to provide 9 street trees and several low shrubs in the city right-of-way (City of Hudson Code §255-34(C) and §255-34(D))
  5. Substitution of play area requirement of 100 square feet per dwelling unit (3,100 square feet required) with 1065 square feet of balcony area, 2898 square feet of roof top terraces, 383 square feet of community room space and 748 square feet of exercise room space (City of Hudson Code §255-57(K))  
  6. Reduce the minimum rear yard setback of 25 feet to 6 feet 6 inches (City of Hudson Code §255 Attachment 2, Table of Dimensional Requirements)

The meeting will be held in the City of Hudson City Hall Council Chambers, 505 Third Street, Hudson, Wisconsin, 54016. Citizens may also participate in the hearing by live video or over the phone by voice. The video conference link will be available on the meeting agenda found at the following website: If you have any questions regarding this matter, you may contact Mike Johnson, Community Development  Director, at 715-386-4776.

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