Hudson / North Hudson Community Access Board

The Hudson/North Hudson Community Access Board is the oversight committee for the operations of River Channel, which is the community access service for the City of Hudson and the Village of North Hudson. The board is also the liaison with Comcast, who is the franchisee for cable television service and high speed internet in the City and the Village.


  • Judy Kelly (City of Hudson), Chair
    Term: 2021 - 2024
  • Pam Brokaw (City of Hudson)
    Term: 2023 - 2026
  • Lynn Wakefield (City of Hudson Council Representative)
    Term: 2022 - 2024
  • Trevor Hagerman (Hudson School District)
    Term: Ongoing
  • Mary McGurran (Village of North Hudson Trustee)
    Term: 2023 - 2024
  • Donna Mae Stohlmann (Village of North Hudson)
    Term: 2022 - 2024
  • Cathy Leaf (Village of North Hudson)
    Term: 2021 - 2024


  • Meets 8:00 AM on the fourth Tuesday of each month
  • Council Chambers, Hudson City Hall, 505 Third Street