Frequently Asked Questions

When is my initial court date?

The initial court date and time is printed on the top of your citation. If you are unsure you may contact the Hudson Municipal Court at (715)386-5929 ext. 170.

Do I have to appear for my initial court date?

If your citation is marked "Yes" for mandatory appearance YOU MUST APPEAR at the specified time on your citation. This information is located next to the court date and time.

If your citation is marked "No" for appearances, you DO NOT have to appear, but you may. If you wish not to appear, the Clerk of Court needs to receive your plea and/or payment before the court date listed on the citation. This can be done by phone, mail, or stopping into the Clerk of Court’s Office. If you fail to notify the Court of your plea by the specified court date, a no-contest/guilty by default judgment will be entered in against you and you will be granted 60 days to pay the imposed forfeiture.

What if I cannot appear on my court date?

You may file for a motion requesting a continuance. Court date continuances must be requested in writing prior to your court date. Continuances are not automatically granted. If good cause cannot be shown, the continuance will not be granted and you will have to appear on your original court date.

Can I enter a plea of "NOT GUILTY" prior to my court date?

Yes, you can. CLICK HEREto fill out and submit a "NOT GUILTY" plea form. The court must receive this plea form either prior to or the day of your initial appearance court date. Once the court has received your plea of "NOT GUILTY" a pretrial conference will be scheduled with the City Attorney, Rory O’Sullivan. The notice of the pretrial will be mailed to the address provided on your form.

How can I pay for my forfeiture?

  •  You may mail your payment to Hudson Municipal Court- 505 Third Street, Hudson, WI 54016. Please be sure to include your citation number with your payment. Do not mail cash. Make checks or money orders payable to CITY OF HUDSON
  •  You may pay your fine in person at the Municipal Court. Pay by cash, check, money order, or credit or debit card.
  • You may pay over-the-phone or online with AllPaid: - Pay Location Code: 4073
  • By Telephone: 1-888-604-7888 Pay Location Code: 4073

After authorization of your payment, you will be given a confirmation number that you should keep for your records.

What happens if I do not pay?

If you do not pay your financial obligation to the Court, a notification may be sent to D.O.T. to place a suspension on your driving privileges. Your taxes may also be intercepted.

Do I have to report a change of address?

Yes. If you have any pending cases with Hudson Municipal Court, it is your responsibility to keep your address current. If you fail to provide the Court with the appropriate contact information, you may not receive proper notification regarding your case in the future. This will result in a default judgment entered against you. Email the clerk your new address.