Police Department


101 Vine Street
Hudson, WI 54016



Report Issues
Ph: 715-386-4771

Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Berger, Max Patrol Officer 715-245-8456  
Bleskey, Ryan Detective 715-245-8425  
Ellwanger, Brent Patrol Sergeant 715-245-8449  
Genske, Jess Administrative Assistant 715-245-8431  
Hall, Traci Police School Liaison Officer 715-245-8433  
Herberg, Melanie Executive Assistant 715-245-8440  
Hiller, Tyler Patrol Officer 715-245-8425  
Knepler, Kyle Patrol Officer 715-245-8436  
Kostick, Caleb Patrol Officer 715-808-0605  
Kusmirek, Brad Patrol Sergeant 715-245-8450  
Larson, Bob Detective 715-386-4271  
Lundberg, Hilary Detective Sergeant 715-245-8435  
Massmann, David Patrol Officer 715-245-8422  
Muenich, Jason Lieutenant 715-245-8445  
Parsons, Mac Police School Liaison Officer 715-245-8441  
Pritchard, Andrew Patrol Officer 715-245-8424  
Radke, Luke Canine Officer 715-245-8439  
Rue, Tim Patrol Officer 715-716-5005  
Schendel, Elias Patrol Officer 715-245-8454  
Schultz, Pete Patrol Sergeant 715-245-8434  
Schulz, Zach Patrol Officer 715-245-8459  
Seiler, Erin Administrative Assistant 715-245-8453  
Soukup, Katie Parking Coordinator 715-386-4770  
Speidel, Kate Patrol Officer 715-245-8438  
Strader, Nate Patrol Officer 715-386-4771, ext 4142  
Timm, Holden Patrol Officer 715-808-8107  
Traeger, Andrew Patrol Officer 715-245-8436  
VanSomeren, Alex Patrol Officer 715-245-8458  
Wedell, Andy Patrol Sergeant 715-245-8455  
Welbourn, Charlie Patrol Officer 715-245-8430  
Welbourn, Sam Patrol Officer 715-245-8443  
Wildman, James Patrol Officer 715-245-8428  
Willems, Geoff Chief of Police 715-386-4273  
Woodward, Ty Patrol Officer 715-245-8455  

Police and Fire Commission 

Hudson, WI 54016

Hudson, WI 54016

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Stabell, Bob Chairperson      

Humane Animal Control Service 

7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Harmon, MPA, NCACO, Brit Animal Warden