Issue 4 - Winter 2022

Hudson City Newsletter - Fall 2022

2022 Issue 4: Winter

Hudson WI - 325x250Did you know?

The Hudson Hot Air Affair was founded in 1990 through the Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau and attracts balloonists from Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. 

In this issue:

A Note from the Mayor

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Reminder: We’re Going Digital! 

The Hudson City Newsletter will be moving to a mainly electronic version, with limited printed copies available at City Hall, the Hudson Library, and several local businesses. 

If you’d like to sign up to receive the newsletter digitally, you can do so on the Notify Me page, and sign up for other alerts as well! 

Library Repairs Near Completion

A collage of photos of the repairs to the library after the storm of 2021
Repairs to the Hudson Area Public Library are nearly complete. 

Over the last two months, all the windows arrived. They’ve been installed and sealed, and now the lobby is flooded with natural light. The lobby furniture arrived early. The finishing touch is the new rug, which we expect by the end of the year.

For staff, the most exciting day was when the construction crew hung the letters on the building that say LIBRARY. It felt like an official pronouncement that the library not only survived, but we are determined to thrive.

Upstairs, the board book room is open again. This space is the nook in the children’s department along the wall of windows. Staff have purchased replacement books, so there’s a fresh selection for our youngest book lovers.

Next spring we will work on the landscaping. The insurance coverage for the building has been good overall, but the landscaping coverage is low. We’ve received a number of donations dedicated to the lawn and garden. 

Since the library moved into the building twelve years ago, the Hudson Garden Club has volunteered countless hours and donated supplies to create and maintain our beautiful grounds. They’re eager to get their hands in the dirt this spring.

Library Director Shelley Tougas will do a community presentation the second week of January regarding the storm and repairs. 

It’s called “A Dark and Stormy Night,” and it includes photos and videos that haven’t been shown publicly. 

Watch the library’s website and Facebook page for the latest details and information on this event! 

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2023 Dog Licenses

A puppy in an open mailbox

It’s that time again! Dog license applications are due for 2023. Completion and submission of the application needs to come with the certificate of rabies vaccination from your vet. 

Get these in before April 1 to save yourself from a $5 late fee. 

View the animal licensing ordinance here.

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Public Works Updates

Hudson City Hall with Christmas Lights Shining on the Exterior

Photo credit: Bryan Leonard

Winter Snow & Ice Reminders

Please read these important ordinances regarding snow and ice removal so you are ready when winter returns:

Snow and ice cannot be deposited onto any portion of the street and or a driveway that is private or public, except for the owner’s private property. This includes pushing the snow onto or across a public street.

Shovel the public sidewalk on all sides of your property for the full width of the walk within 24 hours after cessation of each continuous snowfall.

If you are an owner of a corner property, you will need to make sure that the handicapped ramps and curb crossing are cleared to their full width and accessible.

When ice is formed, the owner or occupant needs to treat the sidewalk with a material which prevents it from being dangerous to pedestrians.

Dozens of Pelicans floating on the St. Croix River during a snow fall

Photo credit: Lorrie Shortridge

Parking During a Snowstorm

Parking on city streets, alleys, or any public roadway is prohibited following a snowfall of 2” or greater until the roadway has been cleared curb-to-curb. The City of Hudson will issue a snow event notifying residents when to remove their vehicles from the streets. To sign up for notifications, please visit and click the Notify Me icon .

Salt and Storm Water

Wisconsin winters cause us to rely heavily on salting our roads, parking lots, and sidewalks, but high salt use causes Wisconsin’s lakes, streams and drinking water to suffer. The growing salt problem threatens our fish and other aquatic life, and our groundwater that supplies our drinking water. We can continue to keep our roads, parking lots and sidewalks safe by using the right amount of salt. Here’s a general rule of thumb: A coffee mug full of salt is enough to melt 10 squares of sidewalk.


The newly constructed boat launch in Lakefront Park is now open. The only remaining items left to be completed is the installation of the docks and overhead lighting. Coming in 2023, the City will be installing pay stations similar to the existing ones seen downtown where users will be able to pay the launch fee with a credit card.  

Season passes will still be available at City Hall.


The City recently wrapped up its alley repaving project near the St. Patrick’s Elementary School.  Beginning in 2021, the Common Council began to budget $50,000 a year to replace the deteriorated alleyway system.  

At this current funding level, it will take approximately 12 years to reconstruct the 38 alley blocks that have been identified to be in poor condition.

Urban Forestry - Emerald Ash Borer

A picture of leaves from underneath looking toward the sky.

The Public Works Department continues to remove boulevard Ash Trees infected by the Emerald Ash Borer. 

Currently, there are 1,015 public ash trees, which are located either on the street boulevards or within the parks.

First identified within the city in 2018, field staff have noticed a drastic shift in the overall health of the Ash Tree population throughout the city.  

We are beginning to see an uptick in the death curve, which typically happens in years 7-8 after the initial infestation. Residents will begin to see more and more ash trees with signs of infestation.  

If you have a private ash tree (those located outside the ROW), your options are to treat it in the spring (if healthy), wait for the tree to get infected and die, or remove it.  The cost to treat or remove the tree is the responsibility of the homeowner.

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Fire Department Update 

Small children getting dress as firemen in front of a Hudson Fire Department Ladder Truck

Fire Prevention Week 

After a couple of years of not being able to open our door to the public for Fire Prevention Week, we had a successful open house on Monday, October 17th. By conservative estimates, we had over 300 members of the community come through and see our station and apparatus. 

It was great to see everyone, and we look forward to next year!

Kwik Trip Donation 

Hudson Fire was the recipient of a donation from Kwik Trip at the grand opening of their new Hudson location.

Members in attendance accepted the $1,000 donation. We are using this money to update our passport accountability system and related safety equipment.

Every Second Counts

Snow season is now upon us! 

We would like to take this time to remind you to keep fire hydrants clear of snow and ice. It takes five minutes to shovel out a fire hydrant. Those five minutes could turn out to be lifesaving if a fire breaks out in your home or a neighbor’s home. 

Critical time is wasted when firefighters arrive on the scene of a fire and have to dig out a fire hydrant that has not been cleared of snow or ice. 

Here are some notes about keeping fire hydrants clear during the winter months:

  • Know the location of all fire hydrants in your neighborhood.
  • Make sure they are shoveled clear after each snowfall.
  • Clear away any snow and ice in the area surrounding these fire hydrants.
  • Clear the snow three feet all around the hydrant so firefighters have enough room to connect a hose.
  • We would also like to remind you to look out for your elderly or disabled neighbors, as well, by taking a few extra minutes to shovel out their hydrants.

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Community Development

Lavender Thymes Store FrontPhoto Credit: Bryan Leonard at Lavender Thymes

Community Development & Cedar Corp Kick Off Municipal Zoning Code Overhaul

 Anticipated to occur over the next 18 - 24 months, the city has contracted with Cedar Corporation to update the City of Hudson’s Municipal Code. A quick summary of updates includes, but may not be limited to, amendments to the following chapters:

  • 106 – Fences
  • 202 – Signs
  • 253 – Floodplain Zoning
  • 254 – Subdivisions
  • 255 – Zoning (including 255-18 St. Croix River Wild & Scenic Riverway & Shoreland Protection Overlay District)

The last time the City performed such a major update to its Municipal Code was in 1993. A project website is planned to be created and will include opportunities for public comment and engagement.

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How Do I...Report a Problem? 

If you have a problem, whether it’s about: 

  • An animal at large 
  • Building permits 
  • Diseased trees 
  • A pothole 
  • A public nuisance or noxious weeds 
  • Regulatory signage - stop signs, street signs, etc. 

You can submit your concerns and check in via the request tracker

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Craft Brewing Day

September 15 was Craft Brewing Day and the city of Hudson celebrated in style. 

Below is a photo of Council Member Morrisette celebrating the day at Hop & Barrel!

The Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce is a great resource to find out about events hosted by our city’s many small businesses. 

Check out a sampling at the end of the newsletter and see more on the Chamber’s website.

Owners of Hop & Barrel receiving award from Chamber of Commerce President & District 1 Alderman

Hudson Police Dept. Safety Tips

Train Bridge with Ice and Open Water Underneath

Photo credit: Bryan Leonard

Here are some safety reminders from the Hudson Police Department for the holiday season and this winter.

While Shopping 

Stay alert to your surroundings and the people around you. Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not.

Shop with a friend; there is safety in numbers. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Pay for purchases via check, credit, or debit card. 

Do not leave your purse/wallet in shopping carts. Carry your wallet in your front pocket for safety. When possible, slip items from “high dollar” stores into plain, nondescript bags. 

Do not leave packages in your vehicle. When possible, have your packages sent to a pick-up location where you can receive them in a well-lit and heavily populated area. Get keys out of your pocket or purse before leaving the store. 

Walk briskly, confidently, and directly through the parking lot. Do not be distracted by talking or looking at your cell phone. 

At Home

Lock doors and close windows when you leave your house, even if it’s only for a minute. Have a neighbor or family member watch your home when you plan to be gone for an extended period of time, or put a hold on newspaper and mail delivery. 

Put indoor and outdoor lights on an automated timer so it appears someone is at home. Put timers for lights in different rooms and have them come on and go off at different times. 

Don’t leave keys hidden outside or in fake concealment rocks. Burglars often know how to spot the most common hiding places quickly. Do not put out boxes from either large or small purchases on or before garbage day. 

A Christmas tree ornament of a Christmas tree atop a red VW Bettle


Check for broken or burnt-out bulbs. Choose LED lights over incandescent lights.

Don’t overload your outlets. Don’t go over the maximum that your extension allows. Pick a fresh tree and water it daily. A dry tree and overloaded outlets could be potential fire hazards. 


Don’t post on social media that you’re traveling. Never advertise an empty house. 

Check all fluids, tire pressure, and tire tread, and get any maintenance needed before you get on the road. Always have an emergency safety kit in your vehicle (first aid, water, snacks, blankets, flashlight, flares, jumper cables, and cell phone charger). 

Plan your trip, know your route in case your GPS stops working and make sure someone else knows your itinerary. 

Check weather, traffic, and road conditions before you leave the house. Always be aware, drive sober, and make sure all occupants are buckled up or in car safety seats.

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Winter Weather Reminders & Parking 

A snow covered road in a forest

‘Tis the season for holiday parking! During this time, you will be able to park your vehicle for up to 3 hours for free. After the 3 hours is up, you will be required to pay for additional time. Holiday parking allows citizens and visitors to come downtown and shop for the holidays while supporting local businesses. 

Holiday parking runs through January 2, 2023, until 10 a.m. 

Non-enforcement days are December 24, 25, 31, and January 1

Public Works will be working hard to maintain all City of Hudson roadways. The downtown city-owned parking lots and streets will be cleared. Please be patient if some of the areas are not cleared right away.

Make sure when parking downtown to park as close as possible to the curb, that way it leaves enough room for a plow to drive by, as well as general traffic.

Following a snow event, the Public Works Department will remove snow from the downtown district. When this occurs, a downtown snow removal event will be notified, just like a regular snowplow event. 

Read the Parking on the St. Croix newsletter for more details.

Snow Plow Event Notifications 


If you would like to be notified of city events or when a snow event has been declared, here are the following steps on how to get signed up.

(Reminder: The city may, but is not required to, provide the courtesy notification) 


On the main page near the bottom of the screen you will see a maroon circle that says “NOTIFY ME.” Click on that, and it will direct you to a new page to get signed up. Once on this page you can scroll and select the items that you want to receive notifications for.

Snow Events will be listed under the Alert Center. You can choose to get emails or text notifications.

Snow-Plowing Event

A snow-plowing event is defined as a snowfall in which there is snow accumulation of two inches or more. Outside of listed exceptions, there shall be no parking on streets during any snow-plowing event. This no-parking restriction shall remain in force until the street is plowed curb-to-curb.

Signs and warning markers will be erected for snow-plowing events that show parking restrictions, prohibitions, and limitations. Restrictions will also be shown on the city’s official parking control map. 

While the city may provide a notice on the website, Facebook, or Twitter, individuals are responsible for parking vehicles in compliance with a snow-plowing event with or without prior notice. 

Parking restrictions related to snow-plowing events do not apply to employees of Willow River School who may apply for individual exemptions, downtown parking stalls, or for individual resident vehicles in extreme hardship situations where there is no driveway and no place to park a vehicle off the street. 

To obtain an exemption, a resident must apply to the Hudson Public Works Department. The vehicle must be registered to the resident at the address provided in the application.

The applicant must sign a hold-harmless and release-of-all-claims agreement, releasing the City of Hudson and its agents, officers, and employees, from all claims that may arise out of damages incurred due to parking on the street during a snow-plowing event.

An annual exemption sticker or placard will be provided to the resident for each qualified vehicle. All exemptions are valid from September 1 through August 30 of each year. 

More details on snow-plowing events, parking notices, and parking exemptions can be found in the snow-plowing event ordinance and via the Parking on the St. Croix newsletter, which includes ordinance language in full.

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Small Business Feature: Wolfy’s Butcher Shop & Deli

A collage of products available at Wolfy's Butcher ShopWolfy's Staff

Wolfy’s, located in downtown Hudson, wants to be your family’s butcher. Co-owned by Anthony and Shana Blanco, Wolfy’s is a deli and butcher shop serving up primal cuts, choice cuts, and plenty of options for quick meals. 

Anthony has been a butcher for over 30 years and previously owned a shop in California. His goal is to make sure the meat he serves is as sustainable as possible. In addition to high-quality cuts, most of the meats for the deli sandwiches have been smoked, brined, and baked in-house. 

Chef Jonathan Radford makes salads, soups, and desserts. The shop also employs a great staff of high school kids and others who run the counter. Between Anthony, their manager, Joe, and Chef Jonathan, there are over 110 years of butcher experience under one roof! 

Community involvement is the name of the game at Wolfy’s, and they try to showcase other businesses in the community whenever possible, including Croix Valley barbecue sauces and Brueske’s Bread. They relish seeing the same families walk through the door time and again. Wolfy’s hopes that in the years to come, they can see many Hudson families grow along with them.

Wolfy’s knows that the back-to-school season is beyond hectic. 

When you’re in a rush, but still want to put a good meal on the table, pick up some of their take and bake items: Meatloaf, shepherd’s pie, pasta bake, cheesy chicken enchiladas, and more! 

Want Your Business Featured? 

A family of two women and two young girls posing for a picture inside Wolfy's.

Visit the Alerts Page for the latest news alerts and requests for submission. 

Our next request period will come before the fall newsletter. Check in early November! 

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Upcoming Events 

Interior Picture of the Store Ultimissimo

Photo credit: Bryan Leonard at Ultimissimo 

Buena Vista: A Stroll in the Park

When: Nov 25, 2022 - Feb 10, 2023 
Where: Lakefront Park, Downtown Hudson
Details: Enjoy strolling around a beautifully lit Lakefront Park for the holiday season. Each year thousands of lights are placed on display.                                                       
More >>

Colleen Raye’s Swingin’ and Rockin’ in the New Year

When: Friday, Dec 30, 2022 - 7:30 p.m.
Saturday, Dec 31, 2022 - 3 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.
Where: John H. Potter Theater
Details: Colleen Raye, Debbie O’Keefe, and The Blue Eyes Band are going to be rockin’ and swingin’ in 2023 with an exciting variety of songs, old and new!                                                       
More >>

Hudson Hot Air Affair

When: February 3 - 5, 2023 
Where: E.P. Rock and around Hudson 
Details: More than 30 balloonists from 5 states will travel to Hudson to share the spectacle and excitement of the sport of hot air ballooning.                                                       
More >>

Disney’s The Descendants: The Musical

When: Fri., Feb 17, 24 & March 3 - 7 p.m.
Sat., Feb. 18, 25 & March 4 - 1 p.m. & 4 p.m.
Sun., Feb. 19, 26 & March 5 - 2 p.m.
Where: John H. Potter Theater
Details: Imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost – home of the most infamous villains who ever lived – the teenaged children of Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar, and Cruella De Vil have never ventured off the island… until now.                                                       
More >>

St. Croix River with reflection of trees covered in Christmas lightsThe Band Shell and surrounding trees covered in Christmas Lights

Photo credit: Kris Poston

Have a Hudson Holiday

When: Saturday Nov 5 - Tuesday Jan 31
Details: Join us in having a Hudson holiday with a variety of activities all season long! Hudson businesses will participate in a window decorating contest (Nov 16 - 25), kids can search for photos of Santa and fill out their passports (Nov 5 - Dec 6) for prizes, and they can see him Light Up Hudson (Nov 25) with thousands of twinkling lights in a lavish holiday display.                              
More >>

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Send us your snaps! 

St. Croix River at Sunset

Photo credit: "Chasin' Sunsets" by Mike Herrem (Instagram: @mike_herrem)

If you have an eye for the city, we want to add your photography to our newsletter! We’re seeking submissions for future issues. 

If you want to share your photos of Hudson with us (all seasons needed), please send them with any photo credit you’d like to see, including a URL, to

We’ll need some beautiful shots of Hudson in spring and summer, like this one, but share anything that you think shows Hudson at its best! 

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