Permits & Forms

The forms below are divided by City department. If you have questions about any of these forms, please contact the respective City department staff. See Quick Links for more information on the inspectors covering projects located in the Town of Hudson, the Town of Troy, the Town of St. Joseph, and the Village of North Hudson.

Building Inspector

Commercial Permit Application For Building, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, & Fire Protection/Alarm Systems (PDF)

New 1-2 Family Residential Permit Application (PDF)

1-2 Family Residential Addition/Alteration/Accessory Building Permit Application (PDF)

Subcontractor Change Form (PDF)

City Clerk

Alcohol Licensing information can be found at the following link:  Alcohol Licensing (webpage)

Direct Seller License (PDF)

Dog License Application (PDF)

Chicken License Application (PDF)

Cigarette & Tobacco Product Retail License (PDF)

Massage License (PDF)

Short-Term Rental Online Application (Weblink)

Community Development

Beekeeping Permit (PDF)

Beekeeping Permit Renewal (PDF)

Certificate of Compliance Application(PDF)

Conditional Use Permit Application(PDF)

Development Project Application (PDF)

Downtown Design Review Certificate (PDF)

Fence Permit (PDF)  ($50 fee required with submittal, $100 fee if an easement agreement is required)

Home Occupation Application (PDF)

Rezoning Application (PDF)

Sign Permit (PDF) ($50 fee per sign required with submittal) (PDF)

Subdivision Application (PDF)

Variance to the Board of Appeals (PDF)


Submit a plea of "NOT GUILTY"


Downtown Hudson Parking Permit Form (PDF)

Downtown Hudson Parking Permit Renewal Form (PDF)

Downtown Hudson Employee Parking Permit Form (PDF)

Downtown Hudson Employee Parking Renewal Permit - Single Vehicle Form (PDF)

Downtown Hudson Employee Parking Permit Renewal - Multiple Vehicle Form (PDF)

Senior Downtown Hudson Parking Permit Form (PDF)


Memorial Application (PDF)

Sailboat Mooring permit (PDF)

Lakefront Boat Launch Season Pass Application (PDF)

Public Works

Application to Break (PDF)

On-Street Storage/Dumpster Permit (PDF)

Public Right of Way Tree Permit Application (PDF)

Public Incident Report Form (PDF)

Retaining Wall Construction (PDF) and Retaining Wall Policy and Information (PDF)

Snowplow Exemption (PDF)