2021 Elections

2021 Elections



Absentee Statement

Spring PrimaryFebruary 16, 2021
Open: 1164 Mailed, 485 Returned

Close: 604 Returned

Spring ElectionApril 6, 2021Open: 1614 Mailed, 1072 Returned.
Close: 1171 Processed

Unofficial Spring Election Results

District 1

Randy Morrissette II - 130
Kerry Reis - 108

District 5

Tori Boomsma - 181
Sarah Bruch - 353

District 6

Joyce Hall - 273
Julie Heifner - 242

All other election results can be found on the St. Croix County Clerk's website in the link below.

St. Croix County Clerk's website

Election Administration

The City Clerk administers all aspects of the electoral and voting process in the City of Hudson and is charged with ensuring the electoral process is fair, accurate, impartial, and conducted in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

A reminder to all our residents: 

The City Clerk’s Office does not mail voter registration or absentee voting applications unless requested. You may receive various mailings from groups of mass mailing applications. Many times, the applications are not current or do not contain all the necessary requirements.

Voter Registration 

If you are not registered in the City of Hudson or you now have a different name or different address than what is listed on the MyVote Wisconsin website, you will need to register or re-register. This is the case even if you move to a different apartment in the same building or complex.

The deadline for registering at the Clerk’s office is 5:00 pm the Friday before any election.

There is no voter registration the day before an election. You may register to vote on any Election Day at the polls. Please bring proof of residency and an acceptable photo ID.

Photo ID is Required in the State of Wisconsin

Please review the information at this link on the Wisconsin Election Commission’s website regarding the Voter ID requirements in the State of Wisconsin: Photo ID Information

The quickest way to find out if you are registered to vote, to find out where to vote and to find sample ballots for an upcoming election is to follow the MyVote link.

Wisconsin Election Commission

For more information regarding election laws in Wisconsin, click on the follow link: Wisconsin Elections Commission

Election Inspectors: 

Are you interested in serving your community by working as an election inspector at the polls on election day?

Please contact the City Clerk’s office for more information. 715-716-5748.