• Applicants must complete any application form in full and submit the signed original to Clerk's office with the required application fee.
  • The application is processed internally according to local and state laws.
  • Applicants are checked for any outstanding fines, fees, or charges that may be due to the City through the Clerk/Treasurer's Office, Property Taxes, Parking, and Municipal Court. If any outstanding debt is due to the City, it must be paid before the license or permit may be issued or is in effect.
  • Information on specific types of licenses can be found on the menu on the left.

Additional information may be found in the Hudson Municipal Code by doing a search of the license type you are interested in. Application forms are posted on the City's website and available at the City Clerk's office, 505 3rd Street, Hudson, WI.

Please contact the City Clerk at (715) 386-4765 ext. 140 if you have any questions or concerns.