K-9 Brisco and Officer Larson

In 2010, the Hudson Police Department acquired K-9 Brisco from the Czech Republic. Brisco is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois. Officer Robert Larson was select in 2010 to be the next K-9 Handler for the police department. K-9 Brisco is trained in building searches, tracking, obedience, open searches, article searches, and agility equipment. K-9 Brisco is also trained to detect meth, crack cocaine, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin. K-9 Brisco is a fully certified dual purpose dog in patrol work and narcotics detection. K-9 Brisco is used to assist other officers during everyday patrol work. Also, Officer Larson and K-9 Brisco do several public demonstrations through the year.

The Hudson Police Department K-9 unit operates on donated funds from local business, donations from private citizens, and grants.

If you wish to donate to the K-9 program or wish to request a K-9 demonstration, please contact Officer Larson at 715-386-4771, ext. 255.