Property Taxes

Tax statements are mailed to the owner of record (per the St. Croix County Tax Listing office) in mid-December. There are two types of property taxes: Real Estate Taxes and Personal Property Taxes.


Payments can be made in person or mailed to St. Croix County at the address below. The City of Hudson cannot accept payments.

St. Croix County Treasurer
1101 Carmichael Road
Hudson, WI 54016

Payment Due Dates

Real Estate Taxes: St. Croix County collects both the first and second installments of the real property taxes. The first installment is due by January 31st and the second installment on July 31st. If you are paying taxes in full, they are also due January 31st.

Personal Property Taxes: St. Croix County collects personal property taxes, which are due in full on January 31st. Any unpaid Personal Property Taxes are certified to the City for collection and are subject to a penalty of 1% per month.

Current Tax Information

Tax information for properties within the City limits is available on the St. Croix County website.  After agreeing to the terms and conditions, property and property tax information for all St. Croix County taxpayers can be found by entering search information on the left.


Properties in the City of Hudson that may be eligible for a lottery credit from the State of Wisconsin on their 2019 property tax statement have been contacted by St. Croix County. Below is a link to the state Lottery Tax Credit Application.