Community Development

The Community Development Department oversees planning and building inspections through the administration of the City’s zoning, subdivision and building codes.

The Community Development Department helps to facilitate the orderly development of the city.  The Department assists developers and citizens through the processes of annexation, land divisions, and zoning, as well as site plan review, conditional use permits, and variances.  The Department serves as staff to the Plan Commission, Board of Appeals, and Hudson Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and liaison to the St. Croix Business Park Corporation and Revolving Loan Fund Advisory Committee.

Some specific areas reviewed include property information; building addressing; construction setback requirements; building code issues; permits for building, fence, sign, conditional use, and home occupation; development processing procedures; subdivision platting including certified survey maps; zoning related issues; and proposed commercial and industrial developments. The Department is also responsible for operating the city’s Geographic Information System (GIS) which is used extensively to produce maps for various uses throughout the city.